You will reach your wellness goals with us. Here’s how….

~The way you think about your health and wellness plays a role in the action you take toward living a healthier lifestyle. We develop a wellness state of mind by prioritizing our health.~

Before you begin to change your wellness goals, know where you are in your journey toward whole health and well-being. Ask yourself some simple questions….

  • Why do I want to make changes now?
  • How prepared am I to venture into this journey of change?
  • Do I understand that change is an inside job, accomplished and sustained only through personal insight?
  • Do I understand that change is a journey, not a destination?
Isabel Bruce, BSN, RN, NC-BC
Isabel Bruce, BSN, RN, NC-BC

Some of the challenges we address

The possibilities are endless

1. Addiction / Substance Challenges / Recovery:

I partner with my clients to help overcome obstacles to whole health and well-being. Many of us develop “crutches“, some we are not aware of. What if you could create a new design for living that really works? The essence of life is that it is a never ending challenge. Through personal insight, we can change how we think about those challenges, thereby changing how we feel, and inevitably change our lives?

You’re not alone! There is a solution!!

2. Burnout

Together we can achieve a Wellness State of Mind. The way you think about your whole health and well-being plays a role in the action you take toward living a healthier lifestyle.

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, fatigue, headache, temper changes and low morale, changing the way your thought works can change the way you feel that contributes to burnout.

With all the changes occurring at this time, the principles of mind, thought, consciousness can definitely affect our mental health in a positive light

Nurses are experiencing a turning point in history. Not just with COVID-19!


Florence Nightingale, the 19th century social reformer and founder of modern nursing, had a vision. What we are currently experiencing is not that vision!

We are losing nurses at an exponential rate! Nurse burnout is the state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion caused by work-related stressors.

By being mindful, we can change this.

I focus on the three principals of insight. Over thirty-five years ago, Sydney Banks experienced a profound insight into the nature of the mind, which revealed three long lost divine principles that are the foundation of all human experience.


3. Nutrition

The way you think about your health and wellness reflects in your approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Following the 3 principals of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, developed by Sydney Banks, I can help you to achieve renewed energy, balance and healthy lifestyle. Nutrition not only feeds our physical being, it is fuel for our emotional psychological existence. Clean fuel balances clean living.

4. Exercise and Movement

This is something we can easily manage and is critical to mental health and well being. Exercise improves blood flow, enhances memory cognition, and stabilizes mood. The first step in changing how we move is changing how we think and feel about movement.

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