Your wellness is my passion

My name is Isabel Bruce, I am a Board Certified Nurse Coach, BSN, who focuses on whole health, to improve a person’s whole being.

My passion is caring for people and helping them live their best lives. I transformed my life and career to pursue that joy.

After witnessing my father’s experience with a broken health care system, that truly did not address his individual needs… I recognized a calling to help people live and age with dignity.

Partnering with my clients to achieve quality of life, living each day to its fullest is my goal.

Isabel Bruce, BSN, RN, NC-BC
Isabel Bruce, BSN, RN, NC-BC

As a nurse, I started my career in hospice and home health.

I was immediately aware of the lack of ‘wellness focus’ in our health care system. My clients struggled with support, avoiding chronic disease processes, unresolved pain, too many conflicting medications, and recurrent issues.

It has been an amazing journey of exploration learning how to assist my clients to care for their own wellness. Holistic Nursing is a full spectrum approach to treating patients’ whole body which embraces physical, social, environmental, psychological, cultural and spiritual beliefs.

My venture has led me to many helpful modalities of care and transformation.

The most important of which are the principles of resilience developed by Sydney Banks. His insights into our true nature as human beings, has opened the door to an authentic science, grounded in principle, about who and what we are. The principles of resilience, Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought, have the ability to transform your life, and allow you to live as the person your soul desires you to be.

As your coach, my mission is to carry the message of those principles, and…
Partner with you to achieve Your best life

Together we hold space to achieve your best life. Other modalities of care are available as you desire, together we bond and collaborate, the principles of resilience can eliminate the struggle through insight. With insight and resilience, there really is nothing else to do, and your life will be transformed.

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